Presented By The 365 Grand Club

Presented By The 365 Grand Club

Meet Our Host



Goose is an on-air personality and host for 92.9 Peak FM right here in beautiful Colorado Springs. Goose has a gypsy soul but was born and raised in Michigan…hence the biggest University of Michigan fan around! Goose has over 300 jumps out of perfectly good airplanes spending most of his weekends from 2003-2008 skydiving.  If he could go on a dream vacation, he’d go to Hong Kong & Beijing and if he could see a live theatre show there, that would be epic because Goose has been in a dozen or so plays & musicals. Please don’t ask him what his favorite band is because he has so many but if you must ask he’d start with U2, James Brown, Ice Cube, Caddyshack & Top Gun!

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